About Creative Temperament


You might be wondering…

Just What is Creative Temperament?

The term comes from The Great Gatsby. Nick, the main character, says that people with Creative Temperament are empty and wooly, easily influenced by hollow fashions.

I don’t agree and never have.

When I was 17 years old, my idea of Creative Temperament was a vision of the troubled artist. Hunter S Thompson was my idol.

When I was 17 years old, Creative Temperament meant the seedy diners and smoke filled cars of 1950s Beat Generation America and the death of the 60s. Creative Temperament was being shit-faced drunk in front of a battered old typewriter and producing gold from the tips of your cigarette-stained fingers.

Now, I’m a bit older and a little more practical.

Creative Temperament is that part of the self that drives us to produce. Drives us to create. Drives us to mould those barely formed wisps of perfect wisdom which float past and behind our consciousness and turn them into something which we can hold out in front of us and say “This! This is what I’m talking about! Come on humanity… Look at this! Learn!”

That’s Creative Temperament for me anyway. Right now, at least.

But, now you may be asking…

Yeah, but what is CreativeTemperament.com?

I’ve had a blog called Creative Temperament since 2008. I think of it as my creative playground.

I don’t always write to it and there are vast gaps where I don’t publish to it at all… which is fine.

Part of my business is creating engaging web copy for my clients – technology companies that want to stand out in their industry. This means that a lot of my work is in creating content that has a “purpose.” Normally that purpose is related to getting people to use my clients’ products or services.

I also have my own business sites, which you can visit here:

Both sites also have a “purpose.” They are to either help you to improve how you communicate your business or to show you what I can do as a speaker and coach.

By contrast, Creative Temperament has no “purpose”… or not in the business sense.

It’s where I can play around with creative ideas.

It’s where I can be stupid.

It’s where I have fun.

We all need places where we can have fun creatively. This is my space.

I hope you enjoy it!

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(well… sometimes social. I'm an introvert, so not always)