On what makes a good teacher

May 13, 2023

I have a tendency to write FAR too much in my responses to messages on social media. Why write one sentence when a whole essay would do!? Anyway, I just replied to a teacher friend’s comment on Facebook asking about negative feedback from their students. And I found it useful to write, so I’ll share

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Why only some people assume leadership positions

June 13, 2022

Why is it that some of us feel the drive to “get things moving” but others don’t? Or, put another way, why do only some people feel responsible? I was chatting with my dad the other day about leadership. I find myself driven to take leadership positions in many situations. Now… this terminology of “leadership”

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The problem with comparison

May 30, 2022

I’m a big "comparer"… by which I mean, I compare myself to other people. I also compare myself to myself, in the past. And anything else I can find to compare myself to, I often do. The other day, I was interviewing a fellow speaker, who has a rather harrowing life story that they tell

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The New Year’s Anti-resolution Resolution Paradox

January 8, 2014

previously posted on Blogspot Making New Years Resolutions has fallen out of fashion. In fact its even become popular to make an anti-resolution resolution, by saying “This year I resolve not to make any resolutions”, which has the double advantages of being both confusing and having its assured failure inbuilt, because you have to break the

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