An official diagnosis…

It’s official! I’ve got ADHD and definite traits of autism. Fuck. I mean… Good. Fine. I’m over it. Am I though? I am, I think, at peace with the ADHD. Hell… I made a show about it last year and have experienced great joy, love, and friendship connecting with people who are also neurodivergent. Accepting

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Introducing… The Social Hangover

February 5, 2023

Today, I don’t have a hangover. By which I mean… I do have a hangover. But not a normal hangover. Today, I have a bit of a Social Hangover. I like to think that I came up with the idea of The Social Hangover… because I like to think that I’m more original than I

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You are boring Part 2

February 4, 2023

Back when I was here last summer – here being the Philippe Gaulier clown/theatre school, because why should you know where I am right now? – I wrote a couple of posts about being boring and the fears of social rejection. If you want to read those 2 posts, go find them for yourself! You’re

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All hail the Major Maestros!

July 16, 2022

A reflection after Week 2 of Le Jeu at Gaulier As I’m taking it easy following my ridiculous fall yesterday (see previous post… no, you can go and find the link to the post for yourself, I’m not your mother), I’ve been thinking about my general “social ineptness” and a concept we’ve been learning here…

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Recharge vs reactivate: Could energy come from energy?

June 27, 2022

As I write this, I’m just on my way back from doing an intense week of work. I was live blogging all week, covering a robotics trade fair for one of my clients, Robotiq. On paper, this looks just like the sort of activity that would completely destroy me: • Tons of social interaction with

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Why things get worse before they get better

May 16, 2022

I’m struggling right now. It happens in life, right? I mean, that’s basically what life is — a series of struggles. You overcome one struggle. Then, you do well for a while thanks in part to the skills and strengths that you gained during that difficult experience. Then another challenge comes along that is beyond

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