An official diagnosis…

It’s official! I’ve got ADHD and definite traits of autism. Fuck. I mean… Good. Fine. I’m over it. Am I though? I am, I think, at peace with the ADHD. Hell… I made a show about it last year and have experienced great joy, love, and friendship connecting with people who are also neurodivergent. Accepting

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Broken people can help fix broken people

September 7, 2023

The other day, I was talking to my dad when I was having a moment of intense self-criticism about some basic life-admin thing I’d failed to do. He reflected back about the show I have just finished doing at the Edinburgh Fringe “Alex Owen-Hill Asks Himself ‘Is It ADHD?’” “You created such a loving environment

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An ill-informed announcement

December 16, 2022

So… this is a bit of a weird blog post. The thing is, it might be that I’m doing exactly what I do all the time. No, I d0n’t mean wandering around in circles trying to remember what I was doing. I mean to announce something that I am “going to do” but that I

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