Day 1 of Clowns at Gaulier

Well, this week hasn’t started off great.

In fact, it’s started off badly.

I went into the school in the morning, thinking that I had a mild cold following too much end-of-course partying on Friday…

To discover to my horror that I tested positive for Covid (we do tests at the start of every week here).

Where I could have caught Covid, I don’t know. I’ve only interacted with people from the course. But then, I do know someone back at home that stayed in his house the whole time and caught it on one trip to the local supermarket, so who knows.

So, I had to go back to my room and I’ll have to isolate for the whole week.


This is a real pain as the Clowns course is the main one that I wanted to come here for. Sure, Le Jeu and Bouffons have been good. I’ve learned a lot. But Clowns is the course where, supposedly, Gauiler tells you what is funny about you, which is what I wanted to learn…

Something that requires you to be right in front of him performing.

I was able to Zoom into the Gaulier class today (an option they’ve had available here over the summer as an option when people are ill or if they get Covid). And it looks like that will be my option for the rest of the week.

It’s not ideal. At all.

But if I can attend at least next week, perhaps I’ll be able to get something out of my experience for these 2 weeks.

I’ll try to continue to solidify my learnings from the Zoom classes into blog posts as the week goes on. In fact, it’s going to be even more important that I do so or my learnings are going to be hard to grab.

So yeah, not a great start to the week.

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