Here are 10 embarrassing things to do in front of the window in your flat or house when your neighbour lives across and can see in your window:

1. A mime in the style of Marcel Marceau… but really badly.

2. Playing an invisible trumpet as Ride of the Valkyries plays on the radio.

3. Trying to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre on your dog after it swallowed the TV remote.

4. Picking your teeth while using the window as a mirror.

5. Cleaning the window with the T-shirt you’re wearing.

6. Running on a treadmill in your pants, so in the window, it just looks like you’re jumping intensely for ages while sweating.

7. Blowing up a huge inflatable bed that slowly fills up the room.

8. Blowing up an inflatable doll 🤨

9. Shadow boxing while wearing large mittens with no discernible skill.

10. And then… yeah… all the ones that you were thinking of… you dirty person! 😲

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