1. Feed them to the dog

2. Throw them out of the door.

3. Build them into a tower underneath the table with your toes.

4. Stuff them into your pocket, leave them for weeks, forget about them, and then wonder why everyone says “What’s that horrible smell?” when you come in the room.

5. Stand up on your chair, point at the bowl of sprouts and shout “Frog spawn of Satan!”

6. Put them into a padded envelope addressed to the National Farmer’s Guild, with a handwritten note that says “If you like them so much take the damned things back!”

7. Cover them in a thick cheese sauce, then only eat the cheese sauce.

8. Get your doctor to write a note saying that you are excused from eating Brussel Sprouts “for medical reasons.”

9. Feed them to your pet rabbit. If it also doesn’t eat them, stuff them in its face one by one.

10. Just don’t eat them?

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