Want to have fun? Write some lists!

Lists are bloody great. If you’re not a fan of list writing, you’re missing out.

What are you missing out on? Well, hours of fun. List writing fun… and don’t you know that list writing fun is the best type of fun!?

Writing lists is more fun than loads of other activities.

Here’s a list of activities that writing lists is more fun than:

  • Chewing the skins of unripe bananas.
  • Staring at wallpaper to see when it peels.
  • Sticking your tongue to a radiator with duct tape.
  • Coughing.
  • Trying to get a waiter’s attention while still appearing to pay attention to what your dinner partner is saying.
  • Pulling wellington boots off your feet.
  • Searching for the only ripe-not-squishy avocado in a supermarket without appearing to touch them all.
  • Opening a candle making shop in a village where everyone is afraid of fire.
  • Learning how to drive from a book, while sitting on a dining chair holding a plate as a fake steering wheel because you can’t afford lessons.
  • Carving a cooked turkey with a butter knife.
  • Being dumped by your ex firing a flaming arrow through your bedroom window, setting your bed clothes alight and leaving you with third-degree burns.
  • Listening to <insert name of a fashionably unpopular music group here. (popular choices include Coldplay, U2, Morrissey, etc)>

As you can see, writing lists is more fun than pretty much every activity you can think of…

… yes, even that one you just thought of.

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